In today’s hyperconnected world, data is king. But that data means nothing if it isn’t presented in a way that is consumable, relevant, and timely. At Milk Can, we excel at getting the right data into the hands of those who need it, when they need it. Whether it is production information into the hands of your sales team, real time communications between the warehouse supervisor and the production team, or the latest location information supporting your IoT deployment, Milk Can has the expertise with native mobile technologies and capabilities to get the data you have into the hands of your people who need it the most.

Mobile technologies are varied and ever-changing. At Milk Can, we work to bring your mobile product to the market you want to reach, on-time and on-budget. We believe that there’s not just one technology to solve every problem, so we develop natively when needed, but we can use hybrid toolsets like Cordova, Ionic, ReactJS, Xamarin, and more.

Our in-house developers have years of experience with both iOS and Android to make your mobile product work flawlessly as a cross-platform system. Users expect to be able to be able to access your digital products no matter what kind of device they’re using, and with the different platforms, different form factors, and now - even wearables - you need a product that can cover all the bases. Milk Can works in all these platforms for you.

Whether you have an existing digital product that needs a refresh, or you have an app finished in one platform and need it also produced in another, or you have a project that needs to go from concept to completion, Milk Can’s mobile development experts will help you reach your digital business goals.


We work with you to create mobile applications that will deliver the experience that your customers have come to expect from top mobile apps. We help you to determine what toolsets, workflows and markets to target to maximize your market impact.


From thermostats, lighting, appliances and more, devices in our homes and businesses are becoming increasingly ‘smart’ and interconnected. Milk Can can expand your existing equipment and technology to improve your manufacturing processes or provide a better consumer experience.


Wearable computing is also moving from the realm of the future into the everyday. Your mobile properties no longer only interact with your users through smartphones and tablets, but through smart watches and more. Milk Can will extend your digital reach into current and new devices to come.


Whether you need someone to create an Android version of your iOS app or you need help moving your app from Ionic or Xamarin to native code, our devs have the cross platform experience to handle your needs.


Digital products need to not just align with your brand colors and fonts; they need to be clear and clever and enjoyable, as well. Milk Can’s designers are experts at digital visual design and will increase engagement with your audience.

Your digital products need to be visually appealing and identify with your brand for maximum user engagement. They also need to look just as good on a pocketable smartphone as they do on a wall-sized display. Milk Can will help your digital products look their best in any form factor as well stay up with the latest technologies.

We can start from your current designs and themes or build completely new visuals for your digital product. We’ll go through sketch iterations, wireframes, and all the way to the final product, all the time working with you to stay on track for your brand and your budget. Your users’ best experiences come from engaging products that they enjoy looking at, and we’ll help your project put its best foot forward.

Whether you need as little as a visual update to one of your digital properties, to an entire new branding project for your business, we’ll help your visual image in the digital space be the best that it can be to drive your business to engage.


Web design is no longer color and type. You need amazing photography, video, audio, vector graphics and more. Milk Can will not just work with your current assets, but we can create new assets for your digital products.


Your brand is one of the most important representations of your company to your potential users. Milk Can will use your current brand directions in every visual interaction we create, and we can also help to extend and refresh your brand if you need that, too.


How your information is presented and organized is just as important as how it looks. Milk Can will audit your current information architecture and work with you to improve to better engage your users.


Making your digital products ‘just make sense’ and ‘work better’ is no small task, and that’s why having expert UX professionals on the job will take your app or website to the next level and make your users happy and engaged.

There are some apps that technically ‘work’ but you just don’t enjoy using them, and then there are others that are a joy to use, easy and intuitive to understand; the latter benefit from well thought-out user experience and interaction flow design. Milk Can takes pride in our UX expertise and will bring that knowledge to bear on your product.

Our user-centric experience design focuses on your users and customers to properly tailor your digital product for them. While some experience design features can be universal, many are specific to the business or interest verticals of your users, and Milk Can will take the time to discover what is best for your digital product to make it as engaging and easy to use as possible via focus testing, usability surveys, A/B testing analytics, and more.

Our designers stay up to date on the latest user experience trends, but they also look to the future to understand what’s coming to help you understand changes in your digital product landscape. They also stay rooted firmly in marketing fundamentals to make sure that your customers stay your customers once they use your app or visit your site.


Milk Can works with the newest technologies to develop your user experiences for your digital products. We have the ability to move quickly from digital sketches to wireframes to high-fidelity and prototypes to best understand how your product will engage with your users.


All the planning and research in the world will frequently not produce the same results as actually talking and surveying the real people who are using your app. Milk Can has experience with in-person and SaaS focus groups and usability testing to bring real results to your product.


Users interact with your digital content in nearly infinite ways, and Integrated Interactions is the study of those ways. Milk Can works with you to understand how your users interact with you in your different digital properties and channels, and how that will affect your business.


Just having a great digital product isn’t enough. You need to be able to market that product through all of your available digital channels, where the potential users for your product live. Milk Can will help you achieve your digital business goals.

Digital strategy emcompasses all aspects of our business landscape: Marketing, Branding and Public Perception. And with new digital channels being developed and launched every day, your business occupies a more quickly shifting landscape than ever before. And that’s where Milk Can will help.

We analyze your current digital channels and properties and determine which are working for your business, and which could use improvement. Then we look at the newest channels for opportunities that will help to grow your business and better engage with your customers. This is done via research, stakeholder interviews and surveys within your company, market comparison studies, and more.

Once we’ve worked with you to establish your digital plan forward, we will also work with you to build your strategy and content in a sustainable system, allowing your employees to forge the way forward within these channels. However, if you need us to create your content and work with you on your digital roadmap, we’re more than equipped to do that, too.


Users expect value from your content, not just a simple advertising message. They expect to learn from your content, and receive value. Content marketing brings value to your users and can set you up as a thought leader in your vertical. Milk Can will help you to identify your areas expertise that will bring the most value to your users.


Every organization needs to communicate with its users, both current and potential, via social media. However, not every social media channel is best for every organization. Milk Can will work with you to determine which channels will best engage your users and help you to determine a social media editorial calendar.


Today is a time of unprecedented data tracking. Every interaction can be measured and logged, and it can become all too much for you to take in. Milk Can works with your organization to cut through the data to glean the useful narrative from the noise.

How can Milk Can help you with your needs? Contact us today to let us help make sure you are engaging your customers.