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Who is Milk Can Dev and Design Studio?

Mobile apps, and thus mobile app development, are continuing to be a bigger cornerstone to customer experiences for businesses around the world.  As Milk Can LLC nears its two year mark, we have started an internal initiative to reach out and blog more with our community. This is the first blog post and is an update to my personal one that I done after our first year in business. Now a year later, more employees and clients, here is a quick introduction to who is Milk Can and what do you do?

Q: Who is Milk Can Dev and Design Studio?

Milk Can Dev and Design Studio is a mobile app development company located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin with customers around the world. Our team is built to handle brand new mobile application designs; Android/iOS ports of mobile apps; updates, maintenance and rewrites of existing apps and database, website and backend infrastructure as needed. Our talented design staff are also handling client requests for website designs, branding initiatives and assistance with marketing and brand realignment strategies.

Q: Why are you called Milk Can?

Harry Houdini's Milk Can Escape Trick

Harry Houdini’s Milk Can Escape Trick

When we sat down to rebrand ourselves and come up with a name that we could use going forward we had a couple of requirements:

  1. The name had to be simple and easy to remember (and easy to spell correctly!)
  2. We wanted it to be locally identifiable while still being something that companies outside of our area could understand

As we were pouring over local history and imagery, we kept coming back to Houdini who lived for much of his childhood in our home of Appleton, Wisconsin. Houdini had an amazing gift that has kept his name in the forefront of magician names since he first started to perform. He understood that showmanship and giving customers what they wanted did not always have to be about an elaborate set up. One of his more famous tricks was the milk can escape. He used a simple milk can filled with water and locked himself inside. He then amazed crowds just by getting back out. Simple, but elegant.

When we started the company, that was our goal as well. We knew there were other companies out there trying to provide “Mobile-Ready Websites” or “Mobile Apps” to clients. We found an overwhelming number of these mobile apps were usually poorly designed for the mobile experience and lacked a real understanding of what the client really needed. They were bland, they were mundane. In Houdini’s terms, they were all of the other magicians that are no longer remembered.

We settled on Milk Can after Houdini’s famous trick to constantly remind ourselves that our clients want to amaze their customers with simple and elegant solutions. We vowed we would help them “Escape the Mundane” and deliver mobile solutions that were on par with large design and marketing studios but with an understanding of the budget concerns, time constraints and staffing that have kept so many of our clients out of the mobile realm so far.

Q: So Milk Can “JUST” builds mobile apps?

This is the trickiest question because it is both a yes and a no at the surface.

We have placed Milk Can to firmly focus on delivering clients mobile solutions. Those solutions may include websites, branding and other ancillary items but our clients are usually coming to us looking for a mobile app or mobile friendly customer experiences.

However, we do not just build the mobile apps. We are providing, or partnering with your company to provide the full mobile solution that is not only the mobile application but also the entire infrastructure that supports it. We are delivering our knowledge and expertise on how to leverage data, market your app, take advantage of the mobile experience and build solid platforms that can scale with your business. So while we are definitely focusing on just mobile, we are providing the full mobile solution to our clients.

Q: What technology do you use to build mobile apps (i.e. Can you make me an app with X technology?)?

This question is asked of us almost every time that we partner with a new client. It is a fair question. Our staff is up to date on all of the latest (and even most legacy) forms of building mobile applications: Objective-C, Swift, Android Java, Unity, Xamarin, Ionic, ReactJS (and many more). We understand how to work with all of these platforms and to pick the one that is going to deliver you a product that you can be proud of.

We consider a lot of things when we talk to our clients about mobile technologies. Some being: “Who do you want to handle ongoing maintenance and updates to the app? If the answer is their staff, what technology skillsets do they already have?”, “Is their a target date that you need us to hit, how far is it away?”, “Who is the intended customer?”, and many more. We recommend, based on the answers, a strong roadmap for getting your app updated or introduced to the market and to keep it fresh and working for years to come.

A few last words…

Hopefully all of that information helps everyone to understand where Milk Can is going and how we can help businesses both nationally and locally.

As always, feel free to contact me through email,  our website or Twitter (@matt_ridley). Thanks.


Matthew Ridley is mobile developer and principal of Milk Can. Milk Can designs and builds mobile solutions for local, national and international clients. He has been developing professionally for nearly 15 years and has worked across a variety of platforms and languages. He started his career building applications and websites and has now shifted his focus to mobile app solutions.


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